Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

Whether you are the proud new parent of a puppy, or the experienced guardian of a mature dog, our team here at Coastland Veterinary Centre offers core and non-core vaccines to protect your dog against the most common and most serious diseases. Vaccines are another one of the tools veterinary teams use to help your pet lead a long and healthy life.

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Why is it important to vaccinate my puppy?

Newborn puppies have passive immunity that they receive from their mothers. Unfortunately, this maternal immunity only lasts for 1 week. This is why vaccines are so important at the early stages of your dog’s life.

In a perfect world, vaccines would be given just before the antibodies that puppies get from their mothers are completely gone, and before the puppy is exposed to disease-causing pathogens. In reality, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when this process occurs, as it varies with every puppy. This is why vaccines are given multiple times when the puppy is 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16-weeks-old to ensure that window is not missed.

How should I prepare my puppy for their first vaccination visit?

Firstly, please give us a call to book your puppy’s consultation! Remember to bring in or fax over any previous medical records and vaccination history. We also recommend that you bring your puppy’s favourite treats and lots of positive vibes to make this experience as enjoyable as possible! Moving forward, associating visits to the veterinary clinic with positive reinforcement will help reduce and prevent any anxiety in your pet.

Why is it important to vaccinate my dog?

Vaccination protects your loyal companion from diseases that can be harmful to their health (e.g. distemper virus, adenovirus type 1 and 2, canine parainfluenza virus, canine parvovirus (DAPPV) and rabies). Recommended and mandated vaccines can also protect other animals and even humans from getting diseases that can be transmitted through your pet. Preventive action is the best way to approach this aspect of your pet’s health, as treatment for these conditions can also be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

What types of vaccinations do you offer for adult dogs?

At Coastland, we offer both core and non-core vaccines for our adult canine patients.

What is the difference between core and non-core vaccines?

Non-core vaccines are optional, core vaccines on the other hand are mandatory. When considering non-core vaccines factors that we consider are: your geographic region, your pet’s lifestyle and their age.

What are non-core vaccines used for in dogs?

Non-core vaccines protect against leptospirosis, canine Lyme disease and the canine influenza virus. Keep in mind that these vaccines are not usually requested, so please do call ahead to check if we have these vaccines in stock for your next appointment.

Is there a schedule for how often a dog should be vaccinated?

Our vaccine schedule ensures optimal immunization against these viruses, taking into account maternal antibodies during early puppyhood. Our team is more than happy to discuss with you in detail about the vaccine schedule that will work best for your pet. Please reach out to us at 250-926-0006 for any questions you may have and to schedule your next consultation.

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