Senior Care for Pets

As veterinary professionals, our goal is to give your pets the best quality and longevity of life as possible. Old age is not a disease, but certain diseases can be age related. Some conditions that can affect dogs and cats, such as kidney, heart, thyroid and dental disease, can start to appear as your pet ages. The earlier we detect these health problems, the earlier we can get on top of them.

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How should I care for my senior dog/cat/pet?

Proper care early on in your pet’s life, and maintaining that as they move on to adulthood and their later years will help slow the progression of disease will greatly improve your pet’s quality of life and longevity. As an owner, you play a major role in making sure that they get regular appointments, proper nutrition and exercise, as well as the right vaccines and preventative medications.

Regular exams, bloodwork and urinalysis are all important monitoring tools that give us information that can help us keep your pets healthy. Having an aging pet, especially with multiple health problems, can be overwhelming. Keeping track of medication, trying to encourage them to eat, dealing with mobility and senility and even incontinence can be both time consuming and emotionally difficult. We are here to help you.

What treatments do senior dogs/cats/pets need?

Here at Coastland, we offer a variety of services that may benefit your aging pet. The place to start is with a health exam. The veterinarian will perform a thorough exam on your pet. Blood work is often recommended to help us determine the level of your pet’s organ functions.

Dietary recommendations are often made as well. It’s incredible how a simple diet change can improve your pet’s overall health, especially if their kidneys are compromised, which happens quite often in senior pets. All senior pets have some level of arthritis and along with this comes mobility issues. Acupuncture and rehabilitation can help your pet feel more comfortable.

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