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Parasite Control and Prevention for Pets

Parasite control is an important part of preventative medicine to help keep your pet healthy, as there are a variety of different parasites lurking in our environment all year round, including intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks. Please ask our knowledgeable staff for advice on which parasite prevention treatments would best suit your pet’s lifestyle. We carry a variety of both oral and topical products, over the counter and prescription.

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Does my pet need parasite control and prevention all year round?

Yes. A common misconception is that parasite control is only necessary during the summer months. In reality, fleas and tick control should be strongly considered all year round. Your pet can be the warm-blooded host they need to survive all throughout the year. Flea pupae can survive even during the winter season and once they enter your home, adult fleas can thrive and multiply due to the warmer temperatures. For this reason, there are different kinds of parasite prevention therapies that your pet should be on at any time. For example, we recommend deworming your pet a minimum of 4 times a year (think every season) and not just during the summer months.

Do indoor pets need parasite protection? For example, cats who live in high-rise condos?

Even if your pet spends most of their time inside and away from the elements, they still need parasite protection. This is another widely held misconception about parasites and pet care. Parasites can make their way to your pet through cockroaches and other pests that enter your house or building. You can even be an unsuspecting carrier of parasites through your shoes, clothing and body.

I plan on going on a trip with my pet. Do pets need certain medications before going on trips?

If you are travelling off Vancouver Island, and particularly out of Canada, please contact us, as different locations have different parasites.

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