Arthritis Treatment for Pets

As the years go by, seeing your pet grow from puppies and kittens into adulthood and senior age, is one of the things that bring joy to our team. We are honoured to build a relationship with owners and maintain the health of cherished pets throughout their lives. As pets approach their senior years, arthritis is one of the conditions that they can be diagnosed with. At Coastland Veterinary Hospital, we can ensure that your pet receives the proper care they need to maximize their comfort despite having this condition.

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How should I care for my senior pet?

We advise that you take your older pet for a full examination at least twice per year, especially if they have been diagnosed with arthritis. Contact us at 250-926-0006 to schedule your next consultation.

What are the signs of arthritis in dogs or cats?

Symptoms vary for every pet, that being said, some signs that may indicate that your pet has arthritis include:

  • Difficulty getting up and sitting/lying down (they may groan or wince in discomfort)
  • Slower walking and running pace
  • Stiffness, limping or trembling
  • Trouble going on couches or climbing up stairs
  • Less interest in physical activities

How should I care for my dog/cat/pet who has arthritis?

The best course of action is to consult with our veterinarians and RVTs, so that we can properly diagnose and examine your pet. Once this is done, we can create a treatment plan that is tailor-made just for your pet. Treatment options may include supplements, medications, diet modifications, exercise and rehabilitation.

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