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Arthritis Treatment for Pets

As the years go by, seeing your pet grow from puppies and kittens into adulthood and senior age, is one of the things that bring joy to our team. We are honoured to build a relationship with owners and maintain the health of cherished pets throughout their lives. As pets…

Bloodwork Services for Pets

There are times when it is necessary to collect a sample of your pet’s blood in order to collect and analyze information about their health. At Coastland Veterinary Hospital, our in-house laboratory, complete with Idexx blood chemistry equipment, allows us to conduct these tests within our walls, which means faster…

Dog's teeth getting brushed by vet

Dental Care Services for Pets

Maintaining healthy teeth, mouth and gums is key to securing your pet’s comfort and health at all times. Our team offers a wide variety of services that will help keep your furry friend’s pearly whites shining throughout their entire life. A healthy mouth is a very important part of your…

Three pugs all playing together

Dermatology Services for Pets

Is your pet always scratching and chewing at their skin? Do they have brown staining on their feet from constantly licking and chewing between the toes? Do they suffer from recurring ear infections?